A picture of 1990s Dublin

Blinded by the Light featuring Donal O’Kelly and Frank Kelly (both pictured) is set in a bed-sit in Dublin’s flat-land. When Mick opens the door to Mormon missionaries after a feed of magic mushrooms events take a turn for the worse.  Visits from the Legion of Mary, the Association of Garda Sergeant Landlords and the entire Drogheda United Supporters’ Club (Dublin Branch) ensue. 

Dermot Bolger’s plays at the Abbey in the 1990s deal with societal issues such as heroin (One Last White Horse) and the lives of Dubliners and as such, provide a real snap-shot of the time. 

This scene is evocative of the 1990s, from the set dressing down to those distinctive jumpers! The set features a Dublin bus-stop. The poster on the wall reads: Healthy or Smoking – The choice is yours. 

Dermot Bolger was Writer in Association at the Abbey Theatre in 1997.

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