Mamet at the Abbey

At a time when the housing boom is mooted in the newspapers again, we recall the first and only performance of Glengarry Glen Ross by great American playwright David Mamet. 

The play introduces four struggling salesmen at various stages of their careers, all employed by the same Chicago real-estate office. At a Chinese restaurant, Shelly Levene is pleading with middle management stooge John Williamson for a couple of hot sales leads. Levene is a desperate former hotshot, now aging and in the midst of a long losing streak. He is so desperate for a break that he’s no longer sure he’d know what to do with it if he got one. 

In this scene Garret Keogh plays Richard Roma, Clive Geraghty plays Shelly Levene, Peadar Lamb plays David Moss and John Kavanagh plays John Williamson. The production was directed by Louis Lenten. 

The Abbey Theatre has a long history of presenting the work of American playwrights from Eugene O’Neill to Mamet to Sam Shepard.

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