Kathleen Barrington’s debut

Kathleen Barrington joined the Abbey Theatre Company in April 1958 playing one of ‘Na Daoine’ in Iosagan byPadraig Mac Piarais. Besides having a long and illustrious acting career at the Abbey theatre, Kathleen acted as the first actor representative on the Board of Directors from 1972 to 1974, indeed the next female on the Board after Lady Gregory. In her first production Kathleen Barrington was directed by Tomás Mac Anna.  She recalls how ‘very often the design sparked off the magic of the work’ in an interview as part of our Oral History Project. Visit Memories of Tomás Mac Anna for more.

Incidentally, Iosagan was performed on the same night as Cafflin’ Johnny by Louis D’Alton. It was noted in this programme that the children in the play were from Class V, Christian Brothers College, Monkstown Park, Co. Dublin. Tomás MacAnna directed productions at the school influencing others including Bernard Farrell and Des Cave who were pupils there.

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