The Gigli Concert premiere

This beautiful photo captures the essence of theatre; the three actors Kate O’Flynn, Godfrey Quigley, Tom Hickey supported by writer, Tom Murphy and director, Patrick Mason.

The Gigli Concert is a momentous and iconic play that handles the exploration of human crisis in an altogether fascinating style.

In The Gigli Concert, J.P.W. King, dynamatologist is 46 years old, English and living in Dublin. Caught between the demands of Mona, his mistress, Helen, the unattainable love of his life and an insatiable taste for vodka, the question of how to get through the day is a major one. Then a man walks into his office one morning – a man who wants to sing like Gigli.

The Gigli Concert was a huge undertaking for the actors, as we glimpse in this description from Tom Hickey of his routine at the time –

– 6am Rise and learn lines

– 9.45am Travel to Abbey

– 10.30am Rehearsal

– 1pm Sandwiches and tea with Godfrey while going over the script

– 2pm Rehearsal

– 5.45pm Go home and eat main meal of the day

– 7.30pm Resume learning lines

– 11pm Go to bed and try to sleep

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