Creating a space for playwrights

Here is Rebekka Duffy, our Yeats Design Assistant who re-designed the Peacock Bar to cater for 50 aspiring writers who took part in a writers salon with special guest playwrights including Owen Mc Cafferty, Eugene O’ Brien, Gary Keegan and Feidlim Cannon. Everyone buckled down for a few hours work and then discussed the craft of playwriting afterwards. Owen Mc Cafferty advised playwrights; “don’t be afraid to use your red pen. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. “While Eugene O’Brien talked about story-telling; “you can have great characters and great dialogue, but do you know what your play is actually about?’”

In the afternoons, the Literary team met with 39 emerging writers for a Q&A session about the work of the Literary team who read and respond to up to 450 scripts a year, play reading groups and master-classes with playwrights Marina Carr, Arthur Riordan, Philip McMahon and Michael West.

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